Chocolate Making | Eggless | Learn Homemade Chocolate Recipes

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   29th Jan | Fri

   11:00 am-5:00 pm | 6 hours

Course Content | Making chocolate: This chocolate making class will equip you to make homemade chocolate recipes on your own! You will learn various chocolate making techniques and get hands-on experience in making a wide variety of different chocolates. The instructor is an internationally qualified chocolatier who trained at Ecole School of Chocolat in the US. Click on the corresponding section below for more details.

What are the recipes and techniques included in the curriculum? What is the course structure?

This chocolate making workshop begins with a tasting exercise during which you will be tasting some of the world’s finest and premium couverture chocolates. Couverture chocolate is a very high quality chocolate that contains extra cocoa butter which combined with proper tempering gives the chocolate unique properties like taste, texture and sheen. The tasting exercise is important because as a chocolatier you have to understand how to taste chocolates properly. Following this the instructor will teach you exhaustive varieties of recipes and techniques as listed below.

During the course you will also get to develop a recipe of your own and make chocolates with the same.

The types of chocolates included in the curriculum are

  1. Pralines
  2. Soft centres
  3. Fruit pastes
  4. Truffle

The recipes shared during the course are

  1. Hazlenut Walnuts
  2. Nutty Coffee Gianduja
  3. Indian Samosa
  4. Tangy Strawberry
  5. Lemon twist
  6. Dark fantasy
  7. Green goddess
  8. Sunny summer
  9. Mango mania
  10. Orange Dilemma

The full list of techniques & concepts taught in this chocolate making course include

  1. Adding flavors to chocolate
  2. Colouring chocolates
  3. Liquid adding techniques
  4. Mould filling methods
  5. Tempering chocolate by seeding method
  6. Tempering chocolate by tablering method
  7. Achieving temper in adverse situations and without thermometers
  8. Demonstration of good and bad tempering, avoiding surface shrinking
  9. Understanding importance of temperature and crystallization points
  10. Understanding different types of fats in chocolate and why it is important to stabilize fats
  11. Checking consistency by touching and pouring method
  12. Correct methods of chocolate melting, understanding effects of humidity, room temperature and refrigerator temperature
  13. Dealing with common problems faced in humid and tropical climate – how to avoid sweating of chocolates
  14. Understanding various types of moulds and equipment
  15. Other best practices, dos and don’ts in chocolate making

What else should I know about the course?

Materials to be carried: (1) Notebook (2) Pen (3) Apron (if required)

Pre-requisites: None. You are are not expected to have any prior knowledge or experience for this course.

Course Takeaways: (1) Detailed notes & recipes (2) List of relevant suppliers & vendors across India for materials & instruments (3) A box of 12 different chocolates which will be made during the course

Help/support offered after the course: (1) On-phone support by course & studio instructors on call or WhatsApp (2) Addition to the Facebook group of the studio where students can share their home creations, ask questions and interact with studio instructors and other students

How should I pay the fees? What is the cancellation policy?

Advance payment of 15% of course fee is compulsory to register for this course.

Advance payments can be made in cash or online through the following methods
(1) Online Net Banking Transfer (NEFT)
(2) Cash/Cheque deposit made at any Axis Bank Branch

To make advance payments select “Advance Payment” during the checkout process. We will drop you a mail/message with relevant bank details. Registrations where payment has not been received within 2-3 working days after the date of registration will be cancelled.

Cancellation Policy for Advance Payments
(1) Full refund is made in case the class is cancelled by the instructor/studio
(2) The 15% booking fee is  not refundable in case of cancellations made by the students after payment. This is necessary as these cancellations result in material and monetary loss for the studio. In cases where students are not able to attend due to natural factors like heavy rains or flooding, we consider full refunds on a case-by-case basis.


  1. :

    Truly a very knowledge filled class. Chef Rakesh Saini is very experienced, knowledgeable, kind, humble and solves all questions asked by the students. Best part about the course is that it gives you the inside knowledge of chocolate including the scientific reasons for specific techniques. The curriculum of the course is very well made. Right from the basics to the advanced parts, each & every doubt or purpose is solved here. It is worthy of every penny that you pay for the course. Very happy & delighted with the experience.

  2. :

    The venue for me is very close to home. The instructor made the course very interesting for an amateur like me. I had no prior experience of chocolate making but Rakesh sir taught with practicals and cleared all the doubts very effectively. Thanks to Mr. Rakesh Saini. I really enjoyed the workshop and it has given me an altogether new perspective to chocolate making.

  3. :

    We all had a wonderful time learning about chocolate making in this course. I was introduced to chocolates today and got to learn a new way of tasting chocolates. Rakesh – our instructor – made it easy and quick to understand the fundamentals and techniques to make and mould chocolates. It was a realistic and knowledgeable session.

  4. :

    Excellent training. Never knew of such aspects of chocolate making. It was indeed a wonderful experience overall. Venue and instructor are both good. Rakesh sir is an excellent teacher. His mentoring is so useful and knowledgeable. Thank you!

  5. :

    It was an awesome class. Too much to learn about chocolates!!!Very satisfied. Rakesh sir is too cooperative. And most importantly I got all the solutions to the problems I faced in making and tempering chocolates.

  6. :

    It was a wonderful experience. The instructor knew what he was teaching and understood his audience well.

  7. :

    The course is excellent!! Rakesh is too good to make us understand. Had a good time.

  8. :

    Great exposure about chocolates & friendly environment. Highly recommended.

  9. :

    Wonderful experience.

  10. :

    Learnt a lot. The class was very good and Rakesh sir taught us very well. I enjoyed a lot. Thank you, it was very good learning diff chocolates. And it was explained very well. Plus the class was not boring at all. Each and every aspect was cleared, all queries sorted out.

  11. :

    After long met a chef who knew his work – a true chocolatier. Thoroughly enjoyed. Waiting for some exotic French varieties of chocolate. A good experience. Thanks.

  12. :

    It was a wonderful experience. I learnt many things about chocolate making. Rakesh has cleared all my doubts. I would like to enroll for other courses as well in the future.

  13. :

    Venue is very conspicuous in terms of location. Course is very detailed to the point that even finer aspects of chocolate making are discussed. Rakesh is super excellent in his teaching skills and more informal and that makes us feel at home.

  14. :

    Excellent place to learn chocolate making. Keep up the good work. God bless you all.

  15. :

    The class was very good. It was knowledgeable and we got to know a lot about chocolate making. It was very detailed and the instructor was also good in explaining. He answered all our questions and showed us different ways of making chocolate.

  16. :

    Had a good experience at this chocolate making course.

  17. :

    This chocolate making course was too good. I really liked it.

  18. :

    The course was very good. Rakesh was too good. Would like to do more advanced courses in chocolate making.

  19. :

    Enjoyed the class. In-depth explanation of tempering of chocolate, what to do and what not to do was shared.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Who are the instructors? How experienced and qualified are they?
A) Summary of the instructor background are mentioned below

Name: Mr. Rakesh Saini
Teaching Credentials: Mr. Saini is a certified professional chocolatier from ‘Ecole School of Chocolat’ (California, USA). He is the Founder & Head instructor at the studio. He lived and worked in the UK for over 10 years and picked up sugarcraft while in London. He has also authored Magical Christmas Cupcakes” – a book presenting creative sugarcraft designs. His studio today operates across multiple cities in India with headquarters based out of Mumbai.

2) Are liquor chocolates covered in this course?
A) This chocolate making course includes liquid filling techniques using which you can fill any type of liquid in chocolates including liquor, flavored water or soda, flavored gels etc. That said, the studio does not use alcoholic liquids during the course as a matter of principle. In a similar manner non-vegetarian items like eggs are also not used during the course. The instructor is however open to sharing specific advice on how these items can be used to make chocolates if needed.

3) Are multicolored chocolates & flavored chocolates taught in the course?
A) Yes. Making multicolored and flavored chocolates are simple techniques which are included in the course. You will also be taught to color chocolates with different colors. Specifics about the type of colors which you should use are also shared.

4) How many shapes of chocolates are included in this course?
A) The course covers around 10-12 shapes of chocolates. Please understand that making different shapes of chocolates is very easy. All you need to do is use the right type of mold! At the end of the course we will share a list of vendors across India who usually stock good quality chocolate molds with them. You can easily purchase a a wide variety of molds from them depending on your requirements.

5) Do you deal with compounds during this course?
A) Yes. We deal with both chocolates and compounds during this course.

6) Is lunch included in the course fee? Or do I need to carry lunch from home?
A) Light snacks are served during the course. They are included in the course fee itself and you do not need to pay anything extra for the same. You can also carry lunch from home if you want to.