Hands on Fondant Cake Decoration | Sugarcraft

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   Dadar, Mumbai

   Hands on | Practical | Do and learn

   30th-31st Nov | Sat-Sun

   09:30 am-05:30 pm | 8 hours

Course Content | This curriculum for this cake decoration course is divided into two days. The focus on Day 1 is to get students to learn and practice common shapes used in cake decoration. Day 2 of the course is for each students to get an individual end-to-end experience of designing a cake based on a theme of their choice.

What are the techniques & concepts included in the curriculum? What is the course structure?

Day 1: The focus on the first day is to get students acquainted with common shapes used in cake decoration. This helps set the foundation so that students can create new shapes from their own imagination on Day 2. The syllabus for Day 1 of this cake decoration class covers the following

  • Shapes
    • Flowers – Five types of flowers are taught with specific focus on making a rose using the hand-made technique
    • Animals – Two types of figures are taught along with tips on creating custom shapes using your imagination
    • Human figures – Detailed techniques used to create human shapes are taught followed by techniques used to create ‘clothes’ for the human figures. All techniques can be used without special instruments
  • Hand techniques taught include molding, pinching and dabbing which are used to create the shapes listed above
  • You will also be taught to make bows, borders and other accessories which can be used to give finishing touches to any cake decoration theme that you pick for Day 2
  • In addition to the above the following topics are also covered
    • Overview of equipment and materials
    • Embossing techniques
    • Storage and packing of cakes
    • Decorating cupcakes with sugarcraft creations or fondant creations
  • At the end of Day 1 you are asked to select a theme for a cake that you will be creating yourself on Day 2

Day 2: The second day of the cake decoration course is to give all the students an end-to-end experience of designing a cake based on a theme of their choice. As each student picks a different theme, the entire batch gets to observe the development of 10 different types of cakes simultaneously and also learn from other students in the class.

  • Students are asked to take the lead in creating cakes based on themes of their choice
  • The instructor continuously guides the students with their cake decorations and shares tips and tricks as the day progresses
  • Towards the end of the course, students are given advice on
    • Pricing of cakes based on industry standard practices and margins
    • Starting and running a part-time or full-time cake decoration business from home
  • Any additional questions that students may have are also answered

Other Course Highlights

  • All ingredients used in the course can be purchased locally in India. This makes it easy for students to continue pursuing cake decoration after the course as well.
  • You are taught to make cake designs with minimal use of cutters or instruments. This helps you to prevent purchasing costly instruments in case you plan to pursue cake decoration as a hobby. You can always buy advanced instruments at a later point if required.
  • You need not bring any instruments or materials to the class. Any instruments and materials for use during the sugarcraft course are supplied at the venue at no extra cost.

What else should I know about the course?

Materials to be carried: (1) Notebook (2) Pen (3) Apron (if required)

Pre-requisites: None. You are are not expected to have any prior knowledge or experience for this course.

Course Takeaways: (1) Detailed notes & recipes (2) List of relevant suppliers & vendors across India for materials & instruments (3) Students can also carry home the cakes that they themselves created on Day 2 of the course

Help/support offered after the course: (1) On-phone support by course & studio instructors on call or WhatsApp (2) Addition to the Facebook group of the studio where students can share their home creations, ask questions and interact with studio instructors and other students

How should I pay the fees? What is the cancellation policy?

Advance payment of 15% of course fee is compulsory to register for this course.

Advance payments can be made in cash or online through the following methods
(1) Online Net Banking Transfer (NEFT)
(2) Cash/Cheque deposit made at any Axis Bank Branch

To make advance payments select “Advance Payment” during the checkout process. We will drop you a mail/message with relevant bank details. Registrations where payment has not been received within 2-3 working days after the date of registration will be cancelled.

Cancellation Policy for Advance Payments
(1) Full refund is made in case the class is cancelled by the instructor/studio
(2) The 15% booking fee is  not refundable in case of cancellations made by the students after payment. This is necessary as these cancellations result in material and monetary loss for the studio. In cases where students are not able to attend due to natural factors like heavy rains or flooding, we consider full refunds on a case-by-case basis.


  1. :

    Don’t have any negative feedback to share. I liked this sugarcraft course thoroughly.

  2. :

    I have travelled to Dubai for cake decoration courses but never heard about this studio in Mumbai. Very good instructors. Loved every bit of the class and will come for more.

  3. :

    I am quite happy with the things taught in the class as we learnt what was promised in the website. Glad that I came here. Would definitely come for the other courses that they have.

  4. :

    Well trained, knowledgeable and informed tutors. Beautiful class. Would love to learn more from them.

  5. :

    Malaika is a very good instructor. She explains every concept very nicely.

  6. :

    Great experience, ideal and really good. I am really very happy with the course.

  7. :

    My experience in this cake decoration class was very good. Malaika (the instructor) is really talented and has good knowledge about the subject (fondant). It was really great to be a part of this family. Also chef Rajesh helped us with his secrets and tips about the cakes.

  8. :

    Thorough. Malaika was very clear and patient in her instructions. Very useful course. It’d be nice to have lesser people in the class and more space to work.

  9. :

    I am looking for fondant cake class from long back but I think my journey finished successfully after coming here. Very satisfied with Malaika and the way she teaches.

  10. :

    The instructor is too good. Taught us everything from scratch. This is really great.

  11. :

    The tutor was very friendly as well as excellent in teaching. She guided us in every way and was a complete support. The venue was a but difficult for me to find. The course is good and covers all the aspects. Extremely satisfied.

  12. :

    What is great is the instructor herself. And also how hands on the course is. The venue is easily accessible even for someone who is not familiar with the city. I do not know how feasible it is but having follow up training sessions would be great.

  13. :

    The class atmosphere was too good to learn as everyone was co-operative & helpful. The instructor personally helps out when needed. It was a good experience to expand my hidden skills about which I am delighted. Great!!

  14. :

    Amazing experience. It feels great when you get the confidence to do something difficult. Little more info on flowers would be great. Overall wonderful exposure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Who are the instructors? How experienced and qualified are they?
A) The lead instructor for this course is Ms. Baptist and the head instructor is Mr. Saini. Both their profiles are mentioned below.

Name: Ms. Malaika Baptist
Teaching Credentials: Malaika has been taking cooking classes for 3 years now and has taught hands-on cake decoration to over 150 students. She is the lead instructor for cake decoration courses primarily Fondant decoration, Butter cream icing and Miniature cupcake design.

Name: Mr. Rakesh Saini
Teaching Credentials: Mr. Saini is a certified professional chocolatier from ‘Ecole School of Chocolat’ (California, USA). He is the Founder & Head instructor at the studio. He lived and worked in the UK for over 10 years and picked up sugarcraft while in London. He has also authored Magical Christmas Cupcakes” – a book presenting creative sugarcraft designs. His studio today operates across multiple cities in India with headquarters based out of Mumbai.