Milk and Melons: Incompatible Food Combinations

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Incompatible Food CombinationsThere are times when you have a nutritious meal but still manage to upset your stomach and start to wonder if everything you had was supposed to be nutritious and in right amount, what went wrong?

It is because of incompatible food combinations. Like humans, some food items are incompatible with another causing turmoil in stomach. Here, we list you some incompatible food combinations to keep in mind.

Milk and Melon:

Milk and MelonThe universally acclaimed nutritious drink-milk and melons (or any fruit for that matter) should not be consumed together because milk is a laxative and melon a diuretic. Also, Melon is digested very quickly and milk takes longer for the body to process. During that processing time, the fruit curdles the milk potentially creating a sour stomach and lots of acidity. We understand smoothies that mix milk and fruit together are super delicious but this is a No! No!

Ghee and Honey:

Ghee and HoneyIt is NOT a good idea to mix equal quantities ghee and honey as they have opposite reactions in the body—honey has a heating, drying, scraping action, whereas ghee has a cooling, moisturizing quality. We advise you to mix in a larger quantity of one or the other when eating ghee and honey together.

Banana and Milk:

Banana and MilkIt is not a good idea to take banana with milk, curd or buttermilk. Although, banana and milk are sweet in taste but their digestive effects are very different  and this confusion to our digestive system cause production of excess toxins in the body. The combination of banana and milk can also cause cold and cough or even produce allergies.

Tea/Coffee with other meals:

Tea, CoffeeAlways try NOT to combine tea, coffee, alcohol with meals. Tea is on the “never-after-a-heavy-meal” list. Its tannic acid forms a sediment by combining with proteins and affects absorption of both protein and iron.These beverages severely restrict the proper gastric secretions and therefore the normal digestion is hindered.

Honey and Heat:

Honey and HeatYou are NOT at all advised to heat honey as after cooking it becomes non homogenized glue that clogs channels and produces toxins.

Yogurt, cheese and cottage cheese:

cURDThe best time to eat Curds (yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese) is at lunch when your digestion is the strongest. The reason is , Curds can cause swelling and aggravate blood. Taking one or two cups of curd per day is good for the health, but taking too much curd can cause hyperacidity, resulting in reduced appetite, disturbed secretion of digestive enzymes of gastric mucosa, and bothered electrolyte balance of human body. Whereas, Cheese takes a long time to digest and can cause constipation so those with weak digestion should avoid the consumption of cheese and yogurt no matter what the time.

Anything cold after food:

cOLD bEVERAGEAvoid eating ice creams, frozen yogurt, cold water, iced drinks during or directly after a meal. The coldness in the cold drink freezes food fat which then builds up in the intestine, narrows the digestive ducts and leads to obesity and causes a lot of digestive problems, allergies, and colds.

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