Become a kitchen ninja with these cooking hacks

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ActivityDeck- Kitchen NinjaBeing a bachelor can be tough. Among the various tasks of your daily life, feeding yourself becomes an everyday challenge. Whether you are a student or a working professional, you tend to miss your mom the most when you get hungry. We have compiled a list of kitchen hacks that will turn you into a cooking ninja and boost your kitchen skills a notch. With these tips you no longer need to settle for instant noodles or fried eggs every single day.


Cooking is simple, let’s get started!


Avoid tears while chopping onions:

Well, you can always get creative and use these while cutting onions.
Kitchen hacks- Goggles for chopping onion
If you are a swimmer, chances are that you will have one of these laying around somewhere. But if you don’t, let us tell you another trick which will do the job just fine. Place your peeled onions in the freezer for 10-15 mins. The science here is that cooling reduces the acid enzyme released into air. Be assured that the freezer method will not have any effect on the taste. Just don’t leave your onions in the freezer too long. This may result in some not so pleasant odours inside your refrigerator. (See point 5 to get rid of refrigerator odours)

Too much salt? Here’s an idea

Kitchen hack- Remedy for too much saltThere is a reason why most chefs on TV avoid talking about salt and try to slide past it saying ‘Namak Swaad Anusaar’. Salt can be tricky! As new chefs you will often end up with too much or too little salt. The later one is easy, you just need to add more salt. But what do you do when there is too much salt in your food? Add some milk or potato to make your food edible again.


Keeping milk from spillage while boiling

Be it a captivating  match or a nail-biting finale of your favorite TV soap, there are a million reasons to forget about the boiling milk over stove. You can save yourself the trouble of cleaning the mess afterwards with this handy trick. Place a wooden ladle or spatula on top of your saucepan when boiling milk. Doing so you will ensure that milk never spills over again.


Boiling milk kitchen hack

The habit of drinking milk first became popular 10,000 years ago, when the first animals were domesticated, initially in Afghanistan and Iran, and later in Turkey and Africa.

Buy peeled garlic:

Kitchen hacks- Buy peeled garlicPurists will tell you that you must ALWAYS peel your veggies just before cooking. They would say your veggies would lose flavour and taste if peeled and chopped in advance. It’s not a myth, it’s 100% true. Even, we would normally not recommend buying peeled or cut vegetables. But we are making an exception in this case. Peeled garlic doesn’t lose flavour easily, most people will not not even be able to tell the difference between freshly peeled garlic and the ones peeled weeks ago. On the other had it make make your life in kitchen so much easier. Consider keeping a small bag of peeled garlic in your refrigerator and you are going to thank us later. Poke some holes into your plastic bag to avoid fungus over your beloved garlic.

Drinking lemon juice or eating a few slices of lemon will stop bad garlic breath.

Get rid of refrigerator odors:

Certain food items like onions or garlic can leave unpleasant odours in your refrigerator. These odours can spread to other veggies or fruits. There is no bigger appetite killer than an apple which smells like onions. Use tea bags to get rid of these odours  Tea bags are excellent at absorbing any kind of smell you want to get rid of. The use can be as wide as your imagination. Use tea bags to get rid of fridge odour, kitchen smells or even keep a tea bag inside your shoe overnight.

Get more juice out of lemon:

Kitchen hacks- Get more juice out of lemonSummers are upon us and a cool glass of lemonade is the most refreshing sight. With this little life hack you can get more bang for your buck. Heat your lemons in the microwave for 20 seconds. Let it cool for a minute and then squeeze it to get more juice out of the lemon. Heating helps the membranes holding in the juice easier to burst. You will also find it easier to get the seeds out.

Give your veggies some space:

Stir FridayWhen you love someone you give them their space. Same goes with your veggies while you saute them over a pan. Alright alright, the less cheesy and more scientific explanation is that the more contact area between the vegetable pieces and the hot pan surface, the better they will cook. The most common causes of stir fry gone wrong is too much crowding on the pan. Also, try to avoid the tossing you see chefs doing on TV. Remember! food doesn’t cook in air. With this simple trick in mind you can turn your fridays to stir-fridays.

Always store mushrooms in paper bags:

Mushrooms are the meat of vegetarians. They are super easy to cook, can be added to anything for a snack to a meal and they taste super awesome. The problem with mushrooms is that go slimy very soon and before you know it, they have gone bad and are no longer fit for cooking. To prolong their refrigerator life keep them in paper bags instead of plastic bag they came in. The trick here is to let them breathe. If you can’t find a paper bag, you can poke holes into the plastic bag to let the air flow (This will give you at least a couple extra days).

Mushrooms are made up of around 90% water.


Peel boiled eggs easily:

Boiling eggs is one of the quickest and easiest thing to do in the kitchen. This is the ideal way to start cooking. And right when you are done boiling and have a triumphant smile on your face, you realize that boiled eggs are not so easy to peel. But this is the case only with fresh eggs. You can tackle this the smart way by purchasing them in advance and letting them sit in your fridge for a week before boiling them. Using week old eggs will make peeling the shell as easy as boiling itself.

A dozen eggs

Grate ginger easily:

Even if you can’t cook, you can still win everybody’s hearts by making garma-garam chai in the morning. And we are not talking about those good for health chinese green tea. We are talking about the Indian masala chai. One of the most important ingredient here is ginger. It does add a lot of flavour but also adds the effort of cleaning the grater. You can feel the skin off with a spoon easily. Wrap a plastic around the grater and then grate ginger. You be able to collect the grated ginger in the plastic without having to clean the grater. Now, this is what we call having your cake and eating it too.

Kitchen hacks- Grating gingerWe hope that with these kitchen hacks you are more confident going into the kitchen and give cooking a shot. We will back adventures of an amateur chef soon.

Let us know about your kitchen hacks in the comments section below.

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