About Us

What is ActivityDeck?

ActivityDeck is a platform to find the best cooking classes, baking classes and cake decoration classes in Mumbai. We partner with top notch instructors who have vast experience in their respective areas. All combined, our current instructor partners have taught cooking, baking and cake decoration to over 1 lakh students in Mumbai and beyond. Between them, they share a teaching experience of more than 50 years!

What is the story behind ActivityDeck?

The ActivityDeck team consists of a small group of IIT Bombay alums who want to bridge the information gap between cooking teachers and students who are looking to join cooking classes. During one of the summers when we were in college, many of us had to leave campus for an internships in Western countries. While we were excited about the opportunity to explore a foreign culture, one of our biggest concerns was whether we would be able to find Indian food wherever we went. The concerns soon developed into a need to learn cooking.

Being away from home in our IIT hostels, we realized that the best way to learn cooking was to find and join cooking classes in Mumbai itself. When we started looking for classes, we observed that most of the cooking class websites did not provide exhaustive information about the courses on offer. The same lack of information was visible in details like instructor profiles etc. We eventually did join a cooking class in Mumbai and had a great time learning to cook ourselves! But it was the experience before that which seeded in our minds the idea of having a common portal that lists all the cooking classes and instructors in Mumbai.

How can we help you?

If you've read our story above, you know that our objectives are very simple:

  1. Provide a single website where you can find the best cooking classes and cooking instructors in Mumbai
  2. Give very crisp and clear information about each course - things like contents of the course, instructor background, pre-requisites, course takeaways etc.
  3. Offer an easy to use online enrolment platform where you can pay fees online and track your learning overtime