5 things you must try before getting married

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5 things you must try before getting marriedAs kids we are told that getting good marks in school is all you need for your dream life. As we grow up this goal transforms to scoring good marks in board exams and before you know, it changes to cracking the entrance exam of a prestigious college. We are again told that once we do this our lives are set and we don’t need to worry about anything else, but that does not really happen, does it? Before you get out of college comes the time of placement and getting placed into a good firm is all that will guarantee you a golden future. But it still does not end here, even before you can sink in the fact that you are out of college life presents you with new goals. Now you must work towards owning your own vehicle, your own house and get married and finally get settled with your life! But does this ever end? Probably not, the point here is that amidst all this you need to pause, take time out and LIVE! And the best way to do it by pursuing a hobby.

It’s never too late to find a long lost hobby. And heck, you need to try out things before even you know if it’s a hobby or not. You need to experience things before you know what they really are. We have compiled a list of five things you must try in order to experience life to it’s fullest.

Learn how to cook:

CookingEating what you like is one of the biggest guilty pleasures of life and cooking what you like can fuel it. You get an immense sense of satisfaction in creating something from scratch. Once you are good at it you can even impress your friends and family members with your culinary skills.
Cooking can give you the same thrill as travelling. After all, what’s a better to indulge in a culture than to embrace their cuisine. And take our word when we say this, you patience will be sweetly (quite literally) rewarded.

Take up a sport:

SportBe it the thrill of scoring a goal or the satisfaction (and sore muscles :P) after completing a marathon, there’s a sport for everything and everyone. It’s also way more interesting that joining a gym to stay fit.

Learn the art of photography:

PhotographyIt’s not just a form to discover the world but also a way to discover yourself. Let your creativity out and express your feelings to the world. After all a picture is indeed worth a thousand words.
Contrary to the popular belief, you don’t really need an expensive DSLR to be a photographer You can start even with your mobile camera. You can invest in better equipment when you start getting better at it.

Take dance lessons:

DanceDancing may not be for everyone but it is definitely something one should try their hands on (or rather foot on) at least once in their lives. It’s the best activity to get your spirit up. Being a party stopper is just one of the side effects if you ace this skill.

Learn a language:

LanguageLearning a new language opens up a new culture to you. You can now interact and make friends with new people, get access to their literature, movies etc. Apart from being fun knowing a foreign language also gives you an edge in your career. There are a lot of doors that open up for you if you have a good grip over a foreign language.


There will always be a thousand reasons for not doing a thing but you just need one reason for doing it. Just try out the things mentioned above and you might just find what you really are passionate about.

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